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As part of 3Counties Pressure Cleaning an environmentally ethical cleaning company, we bring an alternative way to clean and maintain gutters. We also do blast cleaning both with soda blasting cleaning and other media types see our specific website here

View a video of the system below.

Gutters perform a simple but vital task - taking rainwater from the rooftop to the ground, preventing it from entering your property.

Leaky or overflowing gutters will damage walls,if left rainwater will make its way through the brickwork into the interior plaster causing damp and encouraging 

mould spores to grow.The cost of drying,repairs and redecoration could run into hundreds of pounds, but also the health risks to your family are many fold.

Stains on walls caused by the rainwater can also look unsightly.  Many property owners find it difficult to perform regular cleaning due to the height and safety aspects.

 At 3Counties Driveway Cleaning we have the latest gutter cleaning technology. Using high-pressure vacuum equipment, portable video cameras and a carbon fibre pole system called "SkyVac". 
This state-of-the-art system is quick, safe and reliable.

Surveying is performed using Wireless video cameras, where we are able to view the guttering areas, down pipes and check their condition up to 4 floors high or around 35 feet off the ground. It provides many benefits as we do not usually need ladders, scaffolding or powered access to perform either a survey or the actual cleaning.

We can help you, so get in touch to get a free quotation and survey where we willl show you the condition and contents of your gutters!

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